November 21, 2023

Grifols Egypt takes further step towards self-sufficiency in plasma-derived medicines

Grifols Egypt has proudly announced that additional essential plasma-derived medicines manufactured from Egyptian plasma have arrived in the country on 13th November 2023, marking a significant step forward in ensuring Egypt's self-sufficiency in these unique therapeutics.

This momentous achievement is part of a groundbreaking public-private partnership between the Egyptian government and Grifols, demonstrating a commitment to making life-changing medicines available for Egyptian patients. After the first shipment of albumin in May 2023, Grifols Egypt has now received a second delivery. It includes not only albumin, used in major surgery and to treat trauma and severe burns but also immunoglobulins to treat immunodeficiencies and factor VIII for bleeding disorders. 

At the moment nine of an expected network of 20 plasma donation centers in Egypt are up and running.