It is my pleasure to welcome you to our corporate website. I am proud to lead this great initiative implementing the National Project for Plasma Derivatives in Egypt. We are building plasma donation centers and manufacturing facilities to produce essential plasma medicines for the patients in Egypt who depend on these lifesaving treatments.

The joint venture between Egypt’s National Service Projects Organization (NSPO) and Grifols, an international pioneer in the plasma industry for the medicines manufactured from this critical life fluid, is the first of its kind in the plasma industry. It is a groundbreaking global public-private alliance that will benefit the entire region.

Achieving plasma self-sufficiency in the Arab Republic of Egypt will ensure domestic supply security in a class of medicines for which in many cases patients have no alternative treatment. It also reduces dependence on imports. This initiative is fully aligned with Egypt Vision 2030 to obtain self-reliance in vital sectors.

It is a privilege to be a part of such an exceptional team of people who are passionate about applying the highest international quality and safety standards to develop the Egyptian plasma-derivatives industry, secure self-sufficiency and strengthen the country’s healthcare system.

Thank you for supporting us.

Dr.Magdy Amin
Chief Executive Officer
Grifols Egypt for Plasma Derivatives