November 2, 2023

GEPD participated in an informative session on plasma at Suez University

Following the recent opening of the Suez City donor center, a new step in the National Project to achieve self-sufficiency in plasma-derived medicines, Suez University hosted Grifols Egypt representatives, who spoke about the importance of plasma donation to produce the plasma derived medicines patients need.

Grifols Egypt CEO, Dr. Magdy Amin, took the stage at the university campus to deliver an informative presentation on this critical subject with the participation of an esteemed audience, including the President of Suez University, faculty members, and students from various colleges affiliated with the university.

During this engaging awareness session, the CEO elaborated on the unique nature of plasma and its role in producing lifesaving medications.

Following the presentation, the floor was opened for a question and answer session, allowing the attendees to seek clarifications and further engage into the topic, which enriched the discussion and gave a deeper understanding of the subject.



Furthermore, the CEO extended a warm invitation to all attendees to visit the Suez City Donor Center, encouraging them to understand more about the plasma donation process.

Such community engagement is vital to ensuring a stable supply of plasma-derived medicines and promoting a sense of collective responsibility in healthcare initiatives. It is a significant step towards improving the well-being of those who depend on these lifesaving treatments.